Buy Low, Sell High, and Supercharge Your Investments with Asset Allocation. Part 1.

Asset Allocation

Boomer, early in the year is the perfect time to discuss the topic of asset allocation. Here’s what asset allocation does for you: it supercharges your investment returns and it provides the framework for buying low and selling high. What’s not to love? But here’s the thing.  You can’t reach this holy grail of investing … [Read more…]

Transitioning into Retirement: Free Virtual Symposium!

Boomer, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll do after you finish your primary career.  Maybe you’re still in the throes of your primary career.  Maybe you’ve already finished your primary career and are asking yourself, “now what?”  Either way, it never hurts to start thinking about how you’ll transition into retirement.  … [Read more…]

Long-Term Care: Three Vital Things You Need to Know

Long-Term Care

  My mother-in-law’s descent into dementia was so soft and so gentle that we barely noticed.  By the end, the ravages were so virulent, her loving husband of 60 years was forced to concede defeat.  Heartbroken, he placed his bride in a nursing home.  With each daily visit, he’d reintroduce himself. Fortunately, his teacher’s pension … [Read more…]

Boomers, I’m Back!

Greetings, Boomer. I’ve (nearly) conquered the dinosaur.   I return to you a battle-scarred computer warrior.  I’ve spent the last five months battling computer courses to help me manage this website.  I lost almost every battle the first time through.  It was hard to give up the momentum the blog had achieved when it finally … [Read more…]

I’ll be Back!

Hi Boomer! Don’t you hate it when something you hoped wasn’t true, is true?  Me too.  Boomer, allow me to inform you of what’s true about my tech skills: I’m a dinosaur.  To maintain control of, and to keep the site sustainable, I’ve got to master these tech skills.   As such, I am taking a hiatus while I … [Read more…]