Long-Term Care: Four Vital Things You Need to Know

Retro black & white intense man talking on phone about the 4 vital things he needs to know about long-term care

The Takeaway: Long-term care research, shown below, indicates that if you need such care, you won’t need it long.  But just in case you do, here’s also the latest cost information for getting that care.  Don’t be cowed into buying a product that can potentially be financed with better alternatives–discussed here and throughout this series.  … [Read more…]

GameStop: How its Stock Was Used to Weaponize The Market; How to Protect Your Nest-Egg.

The takeaway: GameStop is a declining company, whose stock enabled one investor to turn $53,000 into $48 million in barely 18 months.  The stock’s unlikely investors have driven its share price to new heights, savaged Wall Street hedge funds, and caught the eye of Congress, due to fears their actions are roiling financial markets.  It’s … [Read more…]

The Coronavirus and Your Nest-Egg

Black and white vintage photo of worried man at typewriter contemplating the effect of the Corona Virus on his nest-egg. picture of a stern older woman wagging her finger at a younger man in a suit about continuing care retirement communities.

The takeaway:  The Coronavirus and your nest-egg should each be treated the same way during this crisis:  maintain social distance.  Take the long view.  History shows that, in time, the market will return to its recent highs, and eventually surpass those highs.  Beware the flight to “safety.”  For now, understand basic nest-egg management principles. $$$ … [Read more…]