That Time a $2,000 Price Tag Cost Me $60K.

The takeaway:  We just might outlive our money if we don’t *truly* grasp the power of compound interest and  ignore the money habits of our peers.  Here’s how a single purchase morphed into real money. $$$ I knew what the price tag said, but not what the thing would really cost.  Because price never tells … [Read more…]

Warning! Failure to Live Like a Millionaire Will Derail Your Retirement.

Black and white retro photo of distraught woman decrying that she and her husband, who is standing behind her, don't have millionaire lifestyles.

The takeaway: When they first hit millionaire status, the median household income of millionaires was $89,167. Their household income is less important than the habits these millionaires built to create financial independence. Here are the habits, and how failure to follow them, resulted in the complete derailment of one famous attorney’s retirement. $$$ This post … [Read more…]