I’m back!

Cartoon of a child princess wearing a crown riding a friendly dinosaur.

I’m back!

Greetings, Boomer. I’ve (nearly) conquered the dinosaur.  

I return to you a battle-scarred computer warrior.  I’ve spent the last five months battling computer courses to help me manage this website.  I lost almost every battle the first time through. 

It was hard to give up the momentum the blog had achieved when it finally ranked on page one of Google (after starting out on page one hundred gazillion).  But it had to be done. 

Gif--Repeating cycle of woman with hands in the air saying, "I'm back!"I’m now certified in HTML, CSS, and WordPress—the three computer languages I need to run this website.  I’m almost immune to the technology dragon!

Thanks for all the notes asking when I was coming back.  You guys are awesome! 

I’m ready for us to protect and grow our life-long earnings.  I’m ready for us to reinvent ourselves for a fabulous next act.

How about you?

(You guys rock!)