I’ll be Back!

Cartoon of a friendly looking dragon

Who knew all the tech skills it takes to keep a website up and running?!


Hi Boomer!

Don’t you hate it when something you hoped wasn’t true, is true?  Me too.  Boomer, allow me to inform you of what’s true about my tech skills:

I’m a dinosaur. 

To maintain control of BoomerMoneyandMore.com, and to keep the site sustainable, I’ve got to master these tech skills.  As such, I am taking a hiatus while I retool.

I’m sad to go.

You can bank on my being back. 

I hope you’ll come back, too.   

I’ve been gratified and humbled by the number of subscribers and readers who have logged on in such a short time.  You guys are awesome.

Until next time, Boomer, don’t forget our mantra:  Trust no one.  No one cares more about your money than you do. 

See you.