To Not Outlive Your Money, You’ve Got to Know Where it Goes

Vintage black and white photo of police interrogating young criminal about where the money went.

The takeaway:¬† The perfect setup for outliving your money is not knowing where it goes.¬† This post helps you figure out where the money went and provides a juicy look at what others your age are earning and spending.¬† Don’t outlive your money! $$$ Part 3 in the Don’t Outlive Your Money Series.¬† (Updated 1/18/23) … [Read more…]

How to Stop the Sting of Retirement’s Out-of-Pocket Medical Bills. (Or at Least Reduce the Pain.)

The takeaway.¬† Out-of-pocket medical bills could be your biggest expense in retirement.¬† Research suggests that over the life of their retirement, a couple can expect to spend an average of $315,000 on such expenses.¬† Below are seven ways to stop the sting, or at least reduce the pain. $$$ Recently, Mr. Boomer-Money-and-More got into a … [Read more…]

Warning! Failure to Live Like a Millionaire Will Derail Your Retirement.

Black and white retro photo of distraught woman decrying that she and her husband, who is standing behind her, don't have millionaire lifestyles.

The takeaway: When they first hit millionaire status, the median household income of millionaires was $89,167. Their household income is less important than the habits these millionaires built to create financial independence. Here are the habits, and how failure to follow them, resulted in the complete derailment of one famous attorney’s retirement. $$$ This post … [Read more…]

GameStop: How its Stock Was Used to Weaponize The Market; How to Protect Your Nest-Egg.

The takeaway: GameStop is a declining company, whose stock enabled one investor to turn $53,000 into $48 million in barely 18 months.¬† The stock’s unlikely investors have driven its share price to new heights, savaged Wall Street hedge funds, and caught the eye of Congress, due to fears their actions are roiling financial markets.¬† It’s … [Read more…]