The Three Factors Affecting Your Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

retro black and white photo of fearful couple clutching money to their chest.

The takeaway:  The three factors affecting your long-term care insurance costs are 1) your life-long premiums, 2) premium rate hikes, and 3) the policy’s elimination period–which even though you’re insured, requires you to pay your own long-term care costs for a certain period of time.  How well you prepare, plan, and protect for these factors … [Read more…]

That Time a $2,000 Price Tag Cost Me $60K.

The takeaway:  We just might outlive our money if we don’t *truly* grasp the power of compound interest and  ignore the money habits of our peers.  Here’s how a single purchase morphed into real money. $$$ I knew what the price tag said, but not what the thing would really cost.  Because price never tells … [Read more…]