Asset Allocation Part 2: Maximize Your Investment Success with Common Rules of Thumb

road sign that says asset allocation straight ahead

The takeaway: Asset allocation is the percentage of stocks and bonds in your portfolio.  These percentages can supercharge your nest-egg or cause it to plod along.  What should the percentages of stocks and bonds in your portfolio be?  This post gives you standard rules of thumb to consider.   $$$ Greetings, Boomer!  In Part 1 of this … [Read more…]

Asset Allocation Part 1: Buy Low, Sell High, and Supercharge Your Investments

Road sign saying "asset allocation" against a blue sky

Asset allocation is the relative percentage of stocks and bonds in your portfolio.  Over time, it determines your investment results. The takeaway: Asset allocation, the percentage of stocks and bonds in your portfolio, is the main driver of how fast your nest-egg grows.  It’s a tool that, when followed, forces you to buy low and … [Read more…]

Transitioning into Retirement: Free Virtual Symposium!

Boomer, it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’ll do after you finish your primary career.  Maybe you’re still in the throes of your primary career.  Maybe you’ve already finished your primary career and are asking yourself, “now what?”  Either way, it never hurts to start thinking about how you’ll transition into retirement.  … [Read more…]